Sutphen’s SLR 75

Sutphen’s SLR 75



SLR 75

It is the rear-mount aerial ladder you’ve been waiting for.  The Sutphen SLR 75 Rear-Mount Aerial Ladder.  It’s the first in a new generation of Sutphen Aerials, and it’s everything you’ve come to expect from Sutphen.  The new SLR 75 features a short maneuverable wheelbase, low overall travel height, pump options from 1500-2000 gpm, water tank capacity of 300-500 gallons, and over 200 cu. ft. of compartment space.  With functionality of a rescue pumper and the versatility of a ladder, the SLR 75 will be the workhorse of your fleet.

Apparatus Features:

The body is #304 Stainless Steel, huck-bolted to the stainless steel sub-frame.  The compartments are large, rescue style with easy access and ample space for equipment mounting.  Door options are roll up or hinged.

Low overall travel height of  11′ 9″, and short overall length of 38′ 3″.

Low, open hose bed for easy access and deployment/reloading of hose.

Stabilizers are out and down “H” style with a set up width of 16′.

The aerial device is constructed of #6061 T6 Aluminum that will withstand intense heat and extreme climate conditions, unpainted for ease of maintenance and repair, and huck-bolted for superior strength.

The compact 3-section ladder measures in at 75′ of vertical reach and 65′ 11″ horizontal reach.

The aerial is rated for #750 tip load dry and #500 while flowing with 100 pounds of equipment.  The wind rating is for up to 50 mph gusts, and 30 mph sustained.

The aerial has a 3:1 structural safety factor.

Hale or Waterous pumps in 1500-2000 gpm, mid-ship mounted.

300-500 gallon water tank capacity.

Over 200 cu. ft of compartment space.

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